Posted on: May 4, 2009 10:06 pm
Edited on: May 9, 2009 8:27 pm

Bulls - Celtics Opinion

I'm going to be the first to vent. I'm not a Bulls fan but I was rooting for them in this particular series. The refs didn't stage this game or anything it was just the commish doing what's best for the commish not what's right and what's the best for basketball. All he cares about is revenue and TV ratings, he never cared about the Chicago Bulls who haven't won since MJ, he cared about the #2 this year in sales of merchandise and the defending champs, Boston Celtics .

Should the Bulls have won this series? Certainly, if the calls and suspensions/ejections were the same for every player then we would be seeing the Bulls playing the Magic , or perhaps the 76ers if Howard would have gotten ejected like Udonis Haslem got ejected for a FAR LESS violent foul, tonight. Instead of the overrated Paul Pierce and Celtics. Yes, Paul Pierce is overrated, people forget that when he was in Boston before Ray Allen and KG that he was nothing. He was actually looking to get out of Boston because he was tired of playing in obscurity, even I, who know a lot of players in a lot of sports, had found his name a little unrecognizable with his sub-par years with the Celtics. Yet some people have the audacity to say he's better then Kobe, but when Kobe's best teammate was considered to be Brian Grant, a timid Odom, and a young Caron Butler, he averaged 35 points and led his team to 7 games against the Phoenix Suns. Never compare Pierce to Kobe please.

The Bulls could have won Game 7, I blame the coach with their loss. He wouldn't run any plays on offense, he wouldn't change his defense when it was clear it wasn't effective for the most part in this game. I saw over and over Ben Gordon or Derrick Rose go out there and start dribbling the ball with none of their teammates moving an inch. Then when it got low in the shot clock they would shoot a contested jumper and miss most times. You cannot win basketball games like this, just isn't going to happen. On occasion I saw them pass around and look for an open shot, sure sometimes it wasn't there but most times these are the possesions in which they would score the most. To the defense, he kept double-teaming Ray Allen and Paul Pierce but with this rotation it left the center (Kendrick Perkins , Big Baby) to be guarded by Derrick Rose or another guard. Each time I saw Pierce and Allen pass it down low to an easy layup or dunk. Worst part about it was that he would not make adjustments, the only thing that changed was after halftime the Bulls had a lot more energy and were able to score but not contain them on defense.

With Brad Miller having a typical Brad Miller game and Noah in foul trouble the Bulls were doomed in this game and could never quite recover from the small defecit the Celtics held over them. I just hope they learn from their mistakes and perhaps come into next year with a new found confidence, not to mention Luol Deng . I also think if Tyrus Thomas could have shown us some of the Tyrus Thomas of the regular season then they wouldn't have had to depend so much on Noah. Good Luck next year Chicago, I'll be watching my Lakers tonight.

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